Summit County Clerk of Courts

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Domestic Relations Filing Fees
Effective 01/01/2015
Aid in Execution $120.00
Annulment (without Children) $310.00
Annulment (with Children) $360.00
Application for Appointed Counsel $25.00
Birth Certificate Change $3.00
Certifications (per page) $1.00
Contempt Enforcement Actions (Does not Include Pending Actions) $240.00
Contempt Enforcement Actions (Where Parental Rights or Companionship/Visitation Issues Are Involved) $240.00
Copies (per page) $0.10
Cross Claim or Counterclaim $50.00
Dissolution (without Children) $310.00
Dissolution (with Children) $340.00
Divorce (without Children) $310.00
Divorce (with Children) $360.00
Filing of Judgement Lien $55.50
Full Faith & Credit $360.00
Garnishments $120.00
Legal Separation(without Children) $310.00
Legal Separation(Children) $360.00
Local or Foreign Sheriff Service on all Issuances (Local Subpoenas Taxed as Costs) $100.00
Private Parenting Complaint $360.00
All Post Decree Motions $240.00
Third Party Complaint $50.00